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Well, it’s the end of the year again; a chance to reflect and smile😊 If this current and ending year has had stress in it or if your body has just had a hard time seeing you through 2019, then maybe a New Years resolution is in order. I advocate reinvesting in your health with at least a monthly massage. I’m very good at what I do and I know I can help you overcome the stress and stressors of the coming year.

I looked up the definition of stress on/at, and this what I found: “pressure or tension exerted on a material object; and a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”

We are material objects and we have pressure/tension exerted on us all the time! One of the ones I have is driving on this highway where I live. It’s not I-40 but it’s a highway where the speed limit is 55; but there must be this unwritten law or invisible speed limit sign that has 47 on it. 9 times out of ten, the car in front of me goes 47 miles per hour. I try to mentally explain to them that they should be going 55, but they don’t listen. That’s one of my stressors. It can and has caused mental and emotional strain. Maybe you can identify with road issues, but there are SO many stressors out there.

Our bodies muscular system, our muscles, are our armor. And when stress and pressure comes our muscles armor-up. They get hard with trigger points. No one is immune, that’s how our bodies work. When I was in school I was told that there are cave paintings that depict massage. It’s been around for forever because stress has been around forever. The stressors may have changed since prehistoric times but stressors remain. Massage is the answer. Massage, stress and trigger points have been around since the beginning.

Just google benefits of massage and a whole host of benefit lists come up. From this website,, these benefits were given:

“These are the 10 most common benefits reported from massage therapy:

Reduce Stress. A relaxing day at the spa is a great way to unwind and de-stress. ...Improve Circulation. ...Reduce Pain. ...Eliminate Toxins. ...Improve Flexibility. ...Improve Sleep. ...Enhance Immunity. ...Reduce Fatigue.

Alleviate depression and anxiety

Reduce post-surgical and post-injury swelling”

If you will read on, you will understand that massage is so good for you!

Make sure your next massage is awesome, call or text me.... or go to the website:

To encourage and support your efforts, book on line or text me and mention the article, and I’ll knock $20 off the massage you want.😊

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Hi everybody!! Recently, I have been asked by potential clients about the notion of minimal draping and no draping. I understand that there are those whose body temperatures run hot, and having draping, whether it is a sheet and/or blanket placed on top of them is too much to bear. It just gets too uncomfortably hot. And for others who do not run hot, having a covering is too suffocatingly uncomfortable. I understand. I also respect each clients draping preference.

Having a conversation about minimal draping is possible if it works within typical massage guidelines. According to those guidelines, most all of the human body is able to be massaged uncovered, without written consent. But there are three areas of the body that need clarification.

Two of the areas that can be massaged, uncovered, do need written consent. Those two areas are specifically the breasts of women and the gluteals of both men and women. There are great reasons to massage both these areas as it relates to trigger-point release of the muscles and structures underlying those areas, etc. Again, these two areas need written consent for massage without draping. Those are great guidelines, because they ensure the safety and respect of each client, as well as the bodywork to make these areas more healthy.

The continuing intent of the guidelines, is to cover each breast and each gluteal once the massage of these areas is completed. In regards to enjoying a “minimal” feeling, lighter and more breathable fabric can be used to meet guidelines and to also ensure client comfort.

As it regards the concept of “no draping”. There is a third area according to guidelines, that is not to be uncovered even with written consent. This area is the lower pelvic area, more specifically: the vagina/genitals. This portion of the massage guidelines was put in place again, to ensure the safety and respect of each client.

Even though we can have a conversation about “minimal” draping, there isn’t a way to have one regarding “ no draping”.

I appreciate everyone’s interest and questions concerning this topic. I do have a “draping preference sheet” that we can talk through together in order to meet your expectations. I am sure that we can design a massage session that not only meets your expectations but also my guidelines as well. Thank you again for lifting up this important topic. Hope to see you soon! John

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I'm excited to share and for all women out there who are pregnant but would rather not receive a "side-lying" massage, I have a massage table that reclines into a 45 degree angle, allowing the massage to be given lying on your back. This is a great position for amazing work on the shoulders, upper chest, neck and head. Call or text me to schedule, 336.955.7617.

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