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" I have had many massages over the past

years, and I know that John is the best by far….

 Also, the atmosphere of his massage area is

relaxing and soothing.” - Gina

"Since meeting John and receiving regular massages, I have been relieved of the chronic     

 pain in my neck and shoulders that had impacted my ability to turn my head.” - Bobbi

"Great first massage!” - Steven

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We love hearing from our clients about their experience at The Healing Hideaway. Check out the testimonials from our clients below or share your own experience by adding a comment in the box to the left.

Relaxing Spa with Candle

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      I am a new customer to lymphatic massage and   drainage. I am convinced John has magic hands! He is very knowledgeable and is very helpful in after massage work as well. He is such a kind person, who truly aims to heal his clients not just give them a massage.


Talented, personable and just s great spirit. I had several sessions with John for post op lymphatic massage and they were GREAT! I even brought my daughter and husband to get massages! Id recommend him to everyone ! Donnie D., Google 5-Star Rating

I had a wonderful massage with John today! He is very professional and personable, and the space is very relaxing. I recently had a baby, and he even had a special pillow so that I would be comfortable when laying on my stomach. I am already looking forward to another massage with John! 5-Star, Lindsey

If I could give John 10 Stars, I would. He helped my through a long recovery with his skills. I feel better after every is so relaxing yet healing. Even after the first session i could tell the difference. You can fully trust him to understand what you need to heal. Joan

Woman Relaxing in Serene Massage Spa

I had plastic surgery December 2018 in Miami Florida which required 8 weeks of lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) treatment once I returned to North Carolina. John was able to treat me and was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend the Healing Hideaway and will return. 5-Star.   Dawn

I went to John for lymphatic massage after having Lipo and BBL. He is excellent at listening to any concerns and explaining how everything works to help the healing process. John is very personable and makes you feel comfortable the moment you meet him. The lymphatic massages have had an amazing impact on my healing and am weeks ahead of where I would be without his expertise. I highly recommend John and am thankful for his assistance in my recovery.  MK O'leary

Google 5-Star rating

John Erwin is a miracle worker! I have struggled with achy, numb, and swollen legs for almost 7 years. I've had every test done and spent thousands of dollar with no diagnosis or positive results. After one session with John my symptoms improved tremendously. After 5 sessions I can say the numbness is gone! The swelling has gone practically from one leg, the other one is better so I will continue treatment. John is very professional and personable. He will listen to you and explain treatment so you know what to expect.

Lourdes Pagan,  Google 5-Star rating

John is very knowledgable in massage.

He helped me with swelling following surgery, pain following an injury and

with stress reduction using a variety of massage techniques.. I highly recommend John as a massage therapist. 5-Star Google Rating.  Amy J.

I am sharing with enthusiasm my experience of healing and wellbeing thanks to John, waking up  this morning after his healing massage,  after one month of excruciating pain on my right face and head.  I initially signed up for lymphatic drainage massage, but I was afflicted by trigeminal neuralgia and migraine on one side of my head.  I tried everything starting with traditional  medicine (it would not work), but it won't go away. After more than a month with migraine, John's massage to the painful areas on my face and the head I am pain free. I feel lighter and ready to embrace life again, as he also lifted my soul with his healing massage. He is a certified massage therapist and his hands are of a true expert and a professional.  I care to share also that John adds to his professionalism and  superior skills in the massage field  the care and the grace that heal the body and also the soul. I owe John "A mens sana in corpore sano", a healthy mind in a healthy body, as the Romans use to say.  

Roberta  **5-Star rating


John gives the BEST massages ever!!! I have been going to him for several years! He gives a real deep tissue massage that will melt your muscles and then you can feel the pain just go away! (No fluff massage like some places) I have recommended him to many family members and friends and they love him too! He is the BEST! Rebecca Marcincavage

I highly recommend John, he is very knowledgeable and very compassionate. He has done wonders for my aching back.

I had my breast implants done in February of 2019 and I cam to John for post breast massages and he worked wonders for me. It took the swelling and pain out but most of all it helped them drop into place so much faster. He is a great and respectful person. I would recommend him to anyone that just had implants done; it helps so much Michele R.

Healing from a "mommy makeover" is an intense and emotional journey. I chose to pursue manual lymphatic draining (MLD) to ease the pain and speed up the healing process. This treatment is recommended by many plastic surgeons after liposuction, yet few massage therapists have the training and certification necessary to adequately provide the service. John's professional application of MLD and massage augmented my healing journey by decreasing swelling and minimizing scar tissue. I highly recommend anyone undergoing a mommy makeover to include John as a member of your post-surgery team. Michelle W. 5-Star

Amazing! John has helped my hip pain so much. You are losing out if you don't schedule with him. 5-Star   Phillip Mc,

I have never had a better massage! John gave intense focus to areas that needed attention and made my well-being his priority. He communicated well and was very thorough. His attention to detail, patience, and knowledge set him apart. I can't wait to come back! Miranda Redmann-Satterfield, Google 5-Star rating

This was the best massage experience I've  had. John paid attention to what my body needed, and was able to alleviate tension built up from months of studying. I will definitely be back!  Katey

Woman Relaxing in Massage Spa

"I had my first massage with John yesterday and he released so much tension in my back

I am so relieved. I have had chronic back pain from two failed back surgeries for 25 years. The last 4 weeks I have been in unbearable pain from "overdoing" while I was at the beach. John knows all the trigger points and how to give you a new lease on life. I have already booked with him to return!" -Sandra

"I was relaxed by the time he finished my face and neck. I will be coming back to John. Pressure was wonderful. Awesome!"            -Margie

"Just had one of the best massages I've had in my life (and I've been a massage therapist myself for 14 years, so that's saying a lot)! I'd been searching for an excellent massage therapist for quite some time and had almost given up. I'm SO glad I didn't -

John is AMAZING! Not only is he very skilled at massage, he's also extremely affordable. Do yourself a favor and go to his website or call to book with him. I'm very glad that I did and can't wait for my next massage!" -Rachel

Relaxing Spa with Candle

"John is a fantastic listener. He was able to relax both my arms and shoulders which I told him were always tense.” -Cherie

The best massage I ever had. John's ability to locate the trouble spots and apply perfect pressure provided my neck and shoulders immediate and lasting pain relief. I will be going back regularly! Sharon

Had severe pain behind shoulder blade. Got two cortisone shots (ouch) and had 8 PT sessions. No help. One hour with John, 50% better. Second hour with John, no pain. This was a year ago. Still no pain! John has healing hands. Margie C. 


Thank YOU!

I feel wonderful!

"John is excellent! I have been going to a massage therapist since I was 15 years old (I'm 35) and he is hands down the best I have ever been to. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and how it works and is able to focus on areas that need the most work. I would highly recommend him!" - A Rating, Angie's List

Woman Relaxing in Serene Massage Spa

"I had horrible pain in my right shoulder and lower back due to my muscles failing to relax. I tried everything to relieve the pain; ice, heat, rest, Advil, Aleve, chiropractic care, even a muscle relaxer, with no success. My wife booked me a massage with John as a last ditch effort and I'm so glad she did. I've had many massages before but John was by far the best massage therapist I've ever been to. John used trigger point release to loosen my shoulder and lower back. He even released my tight tricep muscles which were the source of elbow pain I had thought was due to arthritis. I highly recommend John and Healing Hideaway! I will definitely be a repeat customer!" - A Rating, Angie's List

"John Erwin worked his magic (deep tissue massage), and after my first visit, I felt 50% less pain. After the second visit, virtually no pain at all. John really knows the muscle groups and is able to find "trigger points" to get to the root of the problem. I go to John every time my back, shoulders, neck, legs, any muscles give me problems, and after each visit, I feel wonderful! I cannot say enough about his skillful hands. I urge anyone with back pain to try him at least once. You will be back! His rates are affordable." - A Rating, Angie's List

"Absolutely 5 star! I've had a lot of massages from a dozen or more different therapists and none of them come close. True blue professional here." - Jake

"John is the best."  - Marilyn

"I got a prenatal massage, and John is by far one of the best Massage Therapists I have been to. He was able to work me in on short notice and he was very professional alone with a nice comfortable atmosphere. His pricing is affordable and I felt much better after my massage. You will not be disappointed." -Taylor

Thanks so much. It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to scheduling my next session.... 

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